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KM-3000(Emulsified Oil)

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KM-300(Emulsified Oil)


This product is widely used in the wheat flour products.
It is a emulsified oils of O/W type (the condition where the oil is dispersed to water soluble ingredient) that emulsion by using Lecithin,
natural emulsifying agent on the soluble ingredient for vegetable oil.
It strives the convenience of user by removing the difficulties such as purchasing the raw materials such as oil, emulsifying agent and others
and necessitates the emulsion facility. The oil is added to grant various function in processing foods and in that case this is a product which is convenient


D-Sorbitol Solution, Soybean Oil, Lecithin, Glycerin Esters of Fatty Acids


Fresh Yellow and Fluid Paste
Not more than 1.5ppm
Heavy Metal
Not more than 10ppm
Not more than 20%
Acid Value
Not more than 3
Crude Fat

Packing Unit : 18kg tin can with carton box

Shelf Life : One year at the cool and dark place.

How to use and effect(when using the wheat flour on emulsified oil)

  1. The kneading and ripening time is shortened and the noodle formation is smoothly made.
  2. The oil is added to have a good shape with a fine adhesion prevention effect to enhance the production work efficiency.
  3. The moisture protection gets better in noodle making, bread making and cookie making and has the effect of preventing aging.
  4. It has an effect of shortening of micelle time of starch to shorten the cooking time slightly.
  5. The processing of product is much improved.
  6. When oil frying, it prevents spattering and has an effect in improving the oil frying product with a little oil absorption volume.


  1. When making dumpling, add 0.9 ~ 1.5% (in comparison to the wheat weigh) of this product to the flour dough for dumpling skin, then the productivity is
    significantly improved when forming of dumplings products.
  2. When the ramen of Chinese type is produced, add 1.5 ~ 2.0% of flour dough for producing the ramen production to make fine formation of dough from the roller,
    and it improves the joint formation to heighten the production efficiency, and make the great shape of noodle.
  3. When the soybean milk is produced and processed, add this product for 2~3% to make the savory taste of soybean milk and it increase the quality and
    preference of product.
  4. When bread dough is made, add 1.5~2.0% to have high kneading efficiency to shorten the kneading time and increase the different shape of bread and shorten
    the cooking time as well.
  5. It is even more convenient in using for emulsion type beverage that the emulsion type beverage of cloudiness can be processed by added and stirred
    for the desired volume. There is no need for processing for a separate emulsion.
  6. When the food is produced and processed, it is convenient to use by adding appropriate volume for the purpose of enhancing the fat & oil contents.
  7. This product is made with the soybean oil for fat & oil material when producing, but it can emulsify and supply for unsaturated edible oil such as palm oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, rapeseed oil, corn oil and others depending on the needs.